Our Story
Dutch passion with Italian style.
The collections of Only-M are made for Ladies who know what they want and know what to wear.

Her clothing style is personal giving her a classic, casual, elegant style with a distinctive look.

The Ladies of Only-M feel sharp and confident during every season.
‘A sign of friendship’ by Only-M was founded in 1998 and offers a complete collection for Women with a unique fashion sense, timelessly casual yet chic and sassy !!
Our fabrics are sourced in Italy and our fabulous collections are produced in Italy.

Women all over the world know and appreciate the quality, flair and finish that Italian clothing exudes.
We produce 2 main collections and 4 flash collections each year plus a special collection for Ladies taller than 1.80m. For information see ‘tall Ladies’.

‘A sign of friendship’ by Only-M is more than just a fashion brand. It represents friendships we make and friendships we keep with our customers far and wide. In short, we offer an amazing inspirational collection and a fabulous service.

Saluti da,